Bootstrap at CSPdWeek

About the program
Bootstrap integrates math and computing education to enable equitable access and success in both subjects, for all students in grades 6-12. We design our curricula, pedagogy, and software in tandem to foster learning at depth and to ease adoption. Our high-quality professional development programs and classroom materials reflect our core belief in the value of teachers.

By working with mainstream math teachers and aligning to national and state standards, Bootstrap is built to scale. Bootstrap has partnered with school, districts and organizations across the country to bring the curriculum to tens of thousands of students. And because every child takes math – no matter their gender, class, age or interest – Bootstrap reaches thousands of girls and underrepresented students each year.

Apply now to reserve your seat, or visit our website to learn more.

At CSPdWeek…

At CSPdWeek, you’ll work with your peers to discuss classroom experiences, and spend the day in your students’ shoes. You’ll have a chance to try activities from every single Bootstrap class. You’ll be able to debrief with other teachers, talk pedagogy with the trainers, and try out the materials and software firsthand. And finally, you’ll go home with a videogame that you create.

Participants will also receive a hard copy of the entire curriculum and the student materials.

  • Funding is available to cover the cost of training, food, and shared dorm-room accommodations. (There are also hotels nearby, for those who do not wish to share a room.)
  • Once your application is approved, we will ask you to pay a $50 registration fee to confirm your seat.
  • This fee will be returned as part of your stipend, after CSPdWeek concludes.
  • Participants in both tracks are expected to attend all 5 days of PD.

Bootstrap:1 (Algebra)

5-day workshop. For middle- and high-school math and CS/IT teachers. No prior computing experience required. This workshop will be completely hands-on, with teachers experiencing the entire curriculum and supplementary materials together. Each participant will leave with a solid understanding of the curriculum, pedagogy, and the challenges students face in both algebra and introductory programming.


Bootstrap:Data Science

5-day workshop. For middle- and high-school teachers, including social science and business teachers. This is a pilot PD event, for our in-development curriculum on lightweight data science. Students learn how to manipulate datasets, ask questions of data, and write code to answer those questions. This module can be integrated into many non-STEM classes, or folded into a larger computer science course (including the Data section of CS Principles!).

Bootstrap:2 (Reactive)

5-day workshop. Participants should have completed a Bootstrap:1 training prior to CSPdWeek, or have a strong programming background and permission from the instructor. This workshop will be completely hands-on, with teachers experiencing the entire curriculum and supplementary materials together. The scope of the course will go well beyond a standard introductory programming course, covering concepts like data structures and Model-View-Controller architectures.