Counselors for Computing (C4C) at CSPdWeek

About the program. Counselors for Computing provides school counselors with information and resources they can use to guide students’ exploration of computer science and allied careers. This CSPdWeek offering is for 8-12th grade counselors

Momentum for computer science education is growing, fast! Everyone from your students’ parents, to the president, to captains of industry are encouraging schools to prepare more –and more kinds of– students for careers in computing. New courses are making their way into US schools and in more than half the states, they count as math or science credit toward graduation. Counselors for Computing will bring you up to speed!

Learn what all the shouting is about at CSPd Week this summer in beautiful Colorado.  CSPd Week is for four audiences of educators, of which Counselors for Computing is one. You may have teacher colleagues coming to learn to teach Exploring Computer Science, Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles, or Bootstrap. These week-long programs are meant for school personnel who are not already involved in local computer science training programs. While teachers attend the entire week, CSPdWeek for counselors is a two-and-a-half day program for counselors. Counselors arrive on Sunday, July 16th and depart midday Wednesday, July 19th.

If you come with teacher colleagues the program includes time for you to strategize with them about adding and recruiting for new courses in your school.

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At CSPdWeek…

At CSPdWeek, you’ll work with skilled educators -including counselors- to learn about the computer science landscape and how to prepare students for education opportunities during and beyond high school.

Funding is available to cover the cost of training, food, and shared dorm-room accommodations. (There are also hotels nearby, for those who do not wish to share a room.)

  • Participants are expected to attend all offerings.
  1. A letter from your principal demonstrating support for your attendance at Counselors for Computing at CSPdWeek is required.
  2. Starting April 1: Rolling admissions letters will be sent out starting April 1, and will continue through the end of the month.
  3. Once accepted: You will need to provide a letter from your principal, demonstrating that they will support you using what you learn at CSPdWeek during the upcoming school year.
  4. Book travel: We will contact you with details for booking your travel. We’ve provided shared dorm-style housing for counselors for Sunday night through Wednesday morning, so you’ll want to arrive on Sunday and depart Wednesday evening. You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer, provided you seek your own accommodations.